Working with us

Instructing us

When you instruct us, we will always give you an estimate of our fees upfront including in many cases a FIXED PRICE fee estimate, together with a copy of our terms and conditions.

Client identification requirements

Money laundering regulations require us to obtain evidence of the true full name (or names used if different) of our clients and their current permanent address, including postcode. If more than one client is involved, all will have to provide the evidence required.

We require one item of personal identity and one piece of evidence of address for each client, as detailed below.

Evidence of personal identity

Please provide one of the following items:

  • Current signed passport
  • EU member state identity card
  • Residence Permit issued by the Home Office, together with own country's passport
  • Current EU or UK photocard driving licence
  • Current full UK driving licence (old style)
  • Armed Forces identity card

There may be exceptional circumstances where a client is not in a position to provide any of these items, for example a young client who has not yet passed a driving test or travelled abroad. In that case, the client will have to provide a birth certificate or Inland Revenue tax notification.

Evidence of address

Please provide one of the following items:

  • Confirmation from the electoral register
  • Recent utility bill, bank statement or mortgage statement with the current address
  • Local authority council tax bill
  • Current UK driving licence (but not if this item is used for personal identity)
  • Local authority rent card or tenancy agreement

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