Inheritance tax planning

For many people, inheritance tax planning has become simpler since the Government introduced the transferable nil-rate band. However, there are many opportunities to reduce liabilities if the estate is likely to be taxable.

These are some of the situations where planning and professional advice may be beneficial:

  • Valuing your assets
  • Organising your assets
  • Altering a Will to take account of changed circumstances or increased property values
  • Preparing a Deed of Family Arrangement (Deed of Variation) which enables beneficiaries to re-arrange assets in a more tax-efficient way after death
  • Making gifts to children or a spouse or civil partner during a lifetime
  • Choosing the form of joint ownership of a home.

We can offer advice on the opportunities available to you and, if necessary, introduce you to Independent Financial Advisors.

What do I need to tell you?

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